Scientific papers

Of Sven Köppel

This page lists scientific papers, i.e. documents which go to ArXiV and/or scientific journals. Due to the German umlaut ö in my name, bibliographic systems may fail to gather the collections. Nevertheless, see also

On a different page, I listed scientific outreach publications such as blogposts and press releases.

Geometric model of black hole quantum N-portrait, extradimensions and thermodynamics peer-reviewed

Antonia M. Frassino, Sven Köppel, Piero Nicolini

Generalized uncertainty principle and extra dimensions proceeding peer-reviewed

Sven Köppel, Marco Knipfer, Maximilano Isi, Jonas Mureika, Piero Nicolini

A strongly hyperbolic first-order CCZ4 formulation of the Einstein equations and its solution with discontinuous Galerkin schemes peer-reviewed

Michael Dumbser, Federico Guercilena, Sven Köppel, Luciano Rezzolla, Olindo Zanotti

Towards an exascale code for GRMHD on dynamical spacetimes proceeding peer-reviewed

Sven Köppel

ADER discontinuous Galerkin schemes for the general relativistic magnetohydrodynamics equations peer-reviewed

Francesco Fambri, Michael Dumbser, Sven Köppel, Luciano Rezzolla, Olindo Zanotti

General-relativistic measurement of the threshold mass to prompt collapse peer-reviewed will appear in ApJL

Sven Köppel, Luke Bovard, Luciano Rezzolla

  • Mar 2019

Generalized Uncertainty Principle and Extra Dimensions to be published

Marco Knipfer, Sven Köppel, Piero Nicolini