CSE17 ExaHyPE ePoster (2017-03-03):

The ExaHyPE ePoster at the SIAM CSE 2017 conference in Atlanta

This 4 minute endless loop video shows some visualizations from and around ExaHYPE. It was shown as the basic eyecatcher for the poster contribution Exahype - An Exascale Engine for Solving Hyperbolic PDEs: Various Equations and Quick Adaption to the Users’ Needs Becoming Open Source shown at the PP1 Electronic Poster session at the SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering 2017 in Atlanta. The strategy of this ePoster was basically to stop the video as soon as visitors wanted to see details and show the source and an application in it's Version 0.9.1 release instead on the screen.


Make sure you go fullscreen in order to see the HD details. The video is without sound. You can also download the ePoster-ExaHyPE-cse17.mp4 video file. The video contains foreign material from LIGO, SuperMUC, PRACE which is clearly indicated. You can download all video snippets from the slideshow video individually at the SIAM-ePOSTER/ folder (700 MB of files). The README contains information about the individual ressources and their source.

(Video made at 03. March 2017 by Sven Köppel. Files uploaded and archived at 27. March 2017)