In 2020 I turned my hobby into a profession and started fulltime into freelancing and entrepreneurship. I founded and run the following German-based associations and companies.

Anabrid GmbH

Anabrid is a deep tech startup all about bringing analog computing technology on a CMOS microchip. We want to catch up decades lost of advances in integration in general purpose analog electronics. As an intermediate steps, we also develop large-scale discrete analog computers and custom chips. For anabrid, knowledge transfer and open source are very important. In 2021, we developed the educational computer »The Analog Thing«, which gained quite some public attention.

I cofounded the company with three fellows in July 2020. As the Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), I am part of the executive board. My thematic priority is digging into various scientific problems and mapping them on analog computers. The company runs a research center in Ulm, Southern Germany and an administrative office in Berlin.

DenktMit eG

DenktMit is a consulting cooperation specialized on difficult IT projects. I cofounded the company with a nine other partners in May 2021. An obvious difference to other companies is its organization form as a cooperative society (association, Genossenschaft in German), which has similiarities to the structures of foundations and associations. We chose this structure in order to establish a democratic company which cannot be bought up by principle.

The company is remote-first but operates a decent-sized office in Oberursel, close to Frankfurt, Germany. I have a skills profile at our website. If you want to book me or my team as a freelancer, you can drop us a message. In 2022, I was elected into the supervisory board (Aufsichtsrat).

technikum29 Computer museum (eV iG)

The technikum is a private museum for computer and communication history. Within the hobbyist vintage computing community, it takes a distinct position thanks to its one-of-a-kind dedicated building, allowing it to offer a home to extremely heavy vintage computers such as vacuum-tube computers, punch card systems and mainframes. Since 2019, together with a small team of highly motivated volunteers, we shape this heritage.

The museum is located near Frankfurt, Germany. Legally, the museum is currently operated in a private fashion (yet not for profit) but plans exist for rolling out a registered non-profit association (similar to a NGO).