Sven Köppel: Activities

I'm actively into entrepreneurship after having finished my PhD. I founded or cofounded the following German-based associations and companies.

Anabrid GmbH

Anabrid is a deep tech startup all about bringing analog computing technology on a CMOS microchip. We catch up decades lost of advances in integration in general purpose analog electronics. As an intermediate steps, we also developed the educational computer »The Analog Thing«.

I cofounded the company with three fellows in July 2020. As the Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), I am part of the managament board. The company is currently located in Berlin, Germany.

DenktMit e.G.

DenktMit is a consulting cooperation specialized on programming and challenging architectures. I cofounded the company with a few partners in May 2021. The company is located in Oberursel close to Frankfurt, Germany.

Svantic Institute

Svantic institute is a novel research institute located in Münster, Germany. It was founded in April 2021 and is currently operating privately.

Ohrenbaum GmbH

Ohrenbaum is a small holding located in Münster, Germany. It was founded in April 2020. As a founding director, I'm doing the strategic direction.

technikum29 Computer museum (e.V. i.G.)

The technikum is a non-governmental museum for computer and communication history located near Frankfurt, Germany. Since 2019 I am leading the buisness within a small team. Legally, the museum is currently operated in a private fashion but plans exist for rolling out a registered non-profit association.