I'm most happy if you drop me a plain old E-Mail at

My main handle in the web is svenk. Here are some silos where you find me with this (or similiar) handles:

I no more twitter. I used to be the main author on the accounts and

Use my public SSH keys to send me an encrypted message.

Encrypted contact

Since convenient encrypted mail is somewhat dead, why not roll out our own crypto instead in order to bootstrap for some secure communication channel.

Just go ahead, use things which are public available anways, such as my SSH public keys at github:

echo "Prepare some secret message" > secret.msg.txt
tail -n1 svenk.keys >
ssh-keygen -f -e -m PKCS8  >
echo "Hi Sven, I'm writing you an encrypted message using your SSH public key:" > msg.txt
cat >> msg.txt
echo "-----BEGIN SSH ENCRYPTED MESSAGE-----" >> msg.txt
cat secret.msg.txt | openssl rsautl -encrypt -pubin -inkey -ssl | openssl base64 >> msg.txt
echo "-----END SSH ENCRYPTED MESSAGE-----" >> msg.txt
echo "Now go on and write this mail to sven:"
cat msg.txt

The above most likely works on any standard unix-like system with OpenSSH and OpenSSL installed.