Corporate design ressources and more


Fias students have collected useful logos, posters, presentations and buisness card design at redmine: studreps-info/wiki. Unfortunately this nice ressource is password-protected (email studreps@fias.uni-frankfurt.de for an account). As I feel this is not a good situation I collect files here.

See also fias/, new 2017 Corporate Design.

HIC FOR FAIR and friends


Color inverted versions:

Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main


The Goethe university has a new corporate design website which is unfortunately also only available from inside (intranet). At least you get the Goethe-Logo as vector graphics at s1239595 or at Wikipedia: Goethe-Logo.svg.

Some information about the corporate design:

I also host the Color inverted black-on-white (or transparent background) logos.



The EU Horizon 2020 project ExaHyPE has a ProjectPlace managament website with an integrated Document repository which collects, amongst other things, Flyers, Logos, etc. in various formats. For easy and quick access, I copied the most frequently used files to the directory exahype/.

See also: Wikimedia Commons: Flags of the European Union

Center for Scientific Computing


The Center for Scientific Computing has a nice logo, but the individual clusters lack logos. For funny occasions, I have found these sweet animal pictures:

Institute for Theoretical Physics


The Institute for Theoretical Physics did not have an official logo (expect the quite unusable weird grid in the past). Thus I once made a logo for the institute which I use at some websites and presentations:

The logo uses an arbitrary CERN particle collision visualization as the background. Of course, this kind of physics does not represent the (whole) ITP. The Photoshop file can be found at itp/ (Reference: This logo was made 2011 for the PWP NG redesign and is stored at PO Redesign ex dropbox folder).

End of 2016, a new logo was created for the Einstein Exhibition taking place in ITP. It is this one (PDF, SVG, PNG versions available):

PhysikOnline et. al.


For logos related to PhysikOnline, see the group internal PhysikOnline-Material: Logos. It contains logos for POKAL, PhysikOnline, RiedbergTV, SeLF and Studiumdigitale.

For some web logos, see the following list: