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Sven Köppel

Old Website! This is my former website (2015-2019) which is still online for historic reasons. Please move on to my new/current website at

I am was a PhD student at ITP and FIAS at Goethe University Frankfurt.
I wrote a thesis about High-order methods in fullygeneral-relativistic hydrodynamics & magnetohydrodynamics in the Relativistic Astrophysics group of Prof. Luciano Rezzolla. I was also a member of the Quantum Gravity group of my co-supervisor Prof. Piero Nicolini.

Within the domain of relativistic astrophysics of compact objects, my research interest is on numerical relativity. I was part of the consortium of the ExaHyPE Exascale Hyperbolic PDE Engine, aiming for high order convergent methods for evolving binary neutron star mergers with Einstein-Euler equations. This work was in the intersection of computer science, applied mathematics and astrophysics.

My background is High Energy Physics and Field theory. My master thesis 2014 was about Ultraviolet improved black holes (Nicolini/Bleicher) and my bachelor thesis 2011 about the QCD Equation of State in the Early Universe (Philipsen). I also studied computer science.

Between 2011-2016, I run the PhysikOnline project with a dozen of student employees. An offspin of our project is RiedbergTV. This studental video project is a mentor of the Deutschlandstipendium. 2015 I co-founded the local Frankfurt@jDPG group.

Furthermore, I was member of the Helmholtz Graduate School HGS-HIRe for FAIR as well as member of FIGSS.

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Defense of my PhD thesis

On June 28, 2019 at 11:00, the defense of my doctoral thesis about High-order methods in fullygeneral-relativistic hydrodynamics & magnetohydrodynamics takes place in seminar room Phys _ _.101. The disputation is public and will be in English.

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As you notice, this page is merely a collection of facts and information pieces. As probably all scientific websites, it is a work in progress. I'd like to provide further information for students as well as background information on projects. This is a list of links what's there and what not yet:

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Selected german talks at Goethe University Frankfurt about POKAL.

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Festvortrag zum 10-jährigen Jubiläum von StudiumDigitale

GMW 2013-Konferenz: Kollaborative Mathematik

USE 2014-Konferenz: Soziales Netzwerk Wissenschaft