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Studienkongress UNIversal Wissenschaft als soziales Netzwerk 2014-07-15

Journal Club in HEP Some notes on calculating GUP/NCBHs in LXDs 2014-06-18

DPG-Frühjahrestagung 2015 Quantum gravity improved black holes 2015-03-17

DPG-Frühjahrestagung 2015 On gravity self-completeness in higher dimensions 2015-03-20

DPG Physics School General Relativity 99 Quantum gravity improved black holes 2014-09-14

Astro Coffee Quantum gravity improved black holes 2015-01-27

Journal Club in HEP Ultraviolet improved black holes, My Master thesis project 2014-11-26

Palaver WS 14/15 Ultraviolet improved black holes 2014-12-15

FIAS scientific retreat The quest for physics at shortest scales 2015-01-18

Karl Schwarzschild Meeting on Gravitational Physics 2015 The Generalized Uncertainty Principle in extra dimensions 2015-07-21

Journal Club in HEP Mass-gap for black hole formation in higher derivative and ghost free gravity 2014-06-15

Journal Club in Numerical Relativity Numerical relativity simulations of neutron star merger remnants using conservative mesh refinement 2015-05-13

Geometry and Physics seminar The Generalized Uncertainty Principle and Extra Dimensions 2015-09-25

DPG-Frühjahrestagung 2016 On gravity self-completeness on Anti-de Sitter background 2016-03-01

Palaver SS 2016 Donuts in Space 2016-05-30

FIGSS seminar WS 2016/17 Probing star collisions with Exascale computers 2016-12-12

ExaHyPE Research Council Einsteins Equations in ExaHyPE 2017-04-03

Mini-Workshop on Preparing for PRACE Exascale Systems Mini Overview, ExaHyPE: Exascale Spacetree ADER-DG 2017-06-01

Astronum 2017 Towards an Exascale code for MHD on dynamical spacetimes 2017-06-27

Astronum 2017 Towards an Exascale code for MHD on dynamical spacetimes 2017-06-28

When Gravitational Waves hit Durham - an ExaHyPE workshop Predicting gravitational waves on computers 2017-11-30

6. Research Council Meeting in Garching, LRZ Report on Astro Physics state in ExaHyPE 2018-01-25

Defense PhD Defense 2019-06-28