Sven Köppel: Media

This is a (non comprehensive) list of places where you can find me on the web.

Social networks and accounts

My main handle in the web is svenk. On most social networks, I don't have accounts with this handle but with some affiliation instead.

Blogs and related websites

I generally enjoy blogging and outreach. My most recent postings can be found at the blogs of the technikum29 museum and at the DenktMit Tech blog.

Older works can be found at my old website. I'm on the web since 2000 and I had many generations of websites, some of them being down nowadays. Sven.Kö was my website in the 2010s.

Newspapers write about my work, for instance about the museum. We also got a media coverage page at anabrid.


I'm most happy if you drop me a plain old E-Mail at