An Exascale Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equation engine

ExaHyPE is the name of a computer program for solving partial differential equations. It is also the name of the European Horizon 2020 project which is dedicated to develop this program. ExaHyPE is based on the Peano Spacetree Solver Framework and itself more a kind of toolkit than a production-ready program. Thus, the authors call it an engine, emphazising it's generic use in diverse fields of research. In the European ExaHyPE research project, there are two fields of research where the engine is applied to: Seismology and astrophysics. Here at FIAS in Frankfurt we intend to use the ExaHyPE to solve Einsteins Equations for spacetimes of compact stars and black holes. Thus we will simulate the most computationally challenging setups like binary neutron star mergers with the ExaHyPE code. We do this already in the relativistic astrophysics group with programs like the Einstein Toolkit (also refered to as Cactus, or more specifically, our own codes as WhiskyTHC).

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